North Korea still says it has no coronavirus cases but where is Kim Jong Un, Is he infected with Coronavirus?

Kim Jong

North Korea is doing what North Korea does best- ‘lie about everything’. Well, of course, the administration is not to blame in a country ruled by the supreme leader himself. Kim Jong Un continuously insists that North Korea is free from Coronavirus. But, there lies a very wicked strategy laid by the dictator himself. Until April 2, 2020, only 709 were tested. It is not a surprise that no one turned out positive. There are many reasons behind this but, we will discover them later.

For now, a country of 2.55 crore people is being destined by the results of 709 individuals. On the other hand, South Korea is having a torrid time against the pandemic. According to sources North Korea’s neighboring country has seen 10,000 COVID-19 cases and 200 deaths.

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How did Kim Jong Un stop Coronavirus spread!

To be very blunt, he stopped it with aggressive contingency strategies. Now we all know what these aggressive measures are in the list of the supreme leader. For starters, all foreign diplomats were sealed off in Pyongyang for a month. And as far as the public is concerned, each and every movement is clocked. some even think that all Coronavirus cases might have been killed to cover the story. You will find a more detailed report in the following article.

Moreover, no news is ever found in this dictatorial state. And the main reason behind this is the lack of internet. Yes, the supreme leader does not allow its people to use the internet, hence none of the stories can be taken for true.

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A new rumor has started to surface out for a few days now. Some unidentified sources claim that Kim Jong Un might be dead. People suggest that the leader may have contracted Coronavirus somehow and has died of heart difficulties. Now the fact remains about it being a rumor. This is not the first time that Korea’s supreme leader has been absent for more than a month.

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