Now you can charge your phone on the go using WiFi signals: MIT Scientists invent a device to capture T-waves!

Wifi charging

Wireless charging technology is on the rise. But, it still does not solve the problem. Because the phone still needs to be in contact with the charging device. MIT scientists claim that any device that sends out the WiFi signal also sends out Terahertz waves. A Terahertz wave, or T-Ray, is an electromagnetic wave. It has a frequency between microwaves and infrared light. T-Rays are produced by almost anything that registers a temperature, including the human body and objects around us. But this makes it pervasive in nature. Pervasive nature helps instantaneously charge electrons.

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Smartphones will be able to soak up these T-waves from all Wifi signals and charge themselves. This charging technology will be revolutionary. This sort of wave is wasted energy at the moment. Because there is no practical way to capture the T-ray and turn it into a usable form of energy. This seems like an untapped gold mine. The quantum behavior of graphene makes it a perfect fit for the experiment. MIT scientists say that when graphene is combined with another material, in this instance boron nitride, the electrons in the graphene skew their motion towards a common direction.

The researchers need a material that is very clean and free of impurities. Because it will help the electrons of the material to flow through without scattering off irregularities in the material. Graphene is the ideal material for this.

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Anyway, the MIT project is the latest baby step towards useful wireless charging technology. The team now plans to begin building and testing the physical device. Soon it will be available commercially.

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