Pets do not spread Coronavirus, UK-based Dogs Trust tries to convince dog owners about their safety

Your pets will not spread the coronavirus pandemic to you, so take care of your dogs.

Dogs Trust is an agency based out of Salisbury, United Kingdom, issuing advice to owners about the virus transmission. According to the organization, there is still no record of cross-species transmission. Though the Coronavirus disease keeps spreading on animals there is still no official evidence about jumping species.

However, it is still possible for you to contaminate your pet. Therefore, if you suffer from Coronavirus make sure to stay in proper quarantine and away from your pet. But if your dog is suffering from it keep it away from other animals but not from yourself. Studies confirm that humans have no risk of contracting the disease from any other animal.

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Dogs are not spreading Coronavirus to humans

The charity has said there are currently no confirmed cases of the Covid-19 being transmitted from dogs to people. The main source of infection is human-to-human transmission. However, the charity says just like human hands, it is possible for dogs to carry the virus on their fur, their collar, and lead.

The charity is advising owners that there is little risk of the disease being transmitted from a dog to them, but to follow these simple steps to help protect themselves and others. The Dogs Trust says basic hygiene is key to help stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission.

  • Wash your hands well with soap and water for 20 seconds after touching your dog or any of their belongings.
  • As hard as it may be, avoid kissing your dog, and letting them kiss you.
  • Avoid contact with other people’s pets. Ensure your dog does not come into contact with other people or dogs.

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  • If your dog is likely to go up to other people or dogs, you may need to keep them on a lead whilst out walking.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people not to pet your dog.
  • If you’ve tested positive for Coronavirus or have symptoms, limit physical contact with your dog as much as possible, as hard as it may be.

Although there are currently no confirmed instances of Coronavirus (COVID-19) being passed from dogs to people, just like human hands and any other surface it is possible for them to carry the virus on their fur, their collar, and lead. Therefore it is important that you follow all the previous guidelines carefully. Here is a list of things you can do with your dog staying indoors during the lockdown.

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