Pink Supermoon to be visible Today, here’s how you can enjoy it from home!


According to astronomers, when the full moon appears at perigee it is comparatively brighter and a larger than a full moon. This is a ‘supermoon‘. From moonrise on April 7, 2020, you will be able to see the Pink Supermoon or the ‘Paschal Moon‘. The moon will remain visible until sunrise on April 8, 2020.

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According to researchers from NASA, when a moon is at its closest point to Earth, it appears to be a supermoon. The moon normally revolves around Earth in an elliptical orbit. The orbit is an oval and the moon has the farthest and closest points as it revolves around our planet. Apogee is the farthest point in the eclipse and is about 405,00kms away from our planet. At its closest point, the perigee has a distance of 363,000kms from Earth. At the perigee, the full moon appears brighter and larger than a regular full moon.

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How does the Supermoon get its Pink color?

This year there is a lot of supermoons on a plate. But this supermoon is the closest the moon will get to our planet. The first supermoon took place on 9 March while the last one is slated for 7 May. Supermoons are normally 15% brighter than your regular full moon. Unlike the Blood Moon which has a tinge of red to it, the Pink Supermoon does not have a hint of any color.

The moon gets its name from a pink wildflower – Wild Ground Phlox. Also called the Phlox Subulata flowers, these pink flowers bloom in North America at this time of the year. It is also called the Paschal Moon according to the Christian Calendar. The first Sunday after Paschal Moon is Easter Sunday. 

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