President Donald Trump was right all along! UV light can kill the Coronavirus forever

President Donald Trump’s advice on the UV light use may be helpful for killing the Coronavirus

UV radiation has been very useful in the health industry for disinfecting substances since time immemorial. However, very few people thought of using it as a cure for any disease. Currently, researchers are finding a way to kill the Coronavirus by using the radiation of UV light. It is not a completely new concept.

According to the International Ultraviolet Association people have been using UV radiation for almost 40 years now to keep clean water and air. But in the recent scenario of a pandemic, this research is gaining a lot of attention.

Many believe UV light is the hand sanitizer provided by nature. As the market fails to meet the production demands of hand sanitizers, UV lights can help replace it as a self-sustained resource.

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President Donald Trump and his advice of UV light on Coronavirus

President of the United States, Donald Trump, released an official notification in April 2020 as to how UV light can help cure Coronavirus. According to many recent research models, UV-C light is strong enough to alter genetic material. Therefore, WHO researchers confirm that UV light may actually help destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This is mainly because UV light could treat MERS disease successfully.

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MERS-CoV is another respiratory disease just like SARS. The UV treatment successfully killed the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome virus which shows a positive result. According to many researchers, this can prove to be the way we help kill Coronavirus finally. Mya Pura is a company that helps sanitize all home products using this UV technology.

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