President Trump going to Be Tested For Coronavirus

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is going for a coronavirus test this Friday. During a conference with Rose Garden, Mr president declared a National emergency over the spread of coronavirus. President Donald Trump says that he might not go for a test this week. Because recently, he was in contact with a Brazilian official, who was later identified to be a positive test for coronavirus.

In an interview, Mister President Trump said to a reporter that he might go for a test later. Most likely, Trump said that he may schedule his medical test soon. Further, the President’s remark came after the news from the white house that he doesn’t need to be tested for coronavirus, As he has no interaction with the Brazilian officials during the conference.

Moreover, the scientist is trying their best in search of the treatment of coronavirus.

Prevention is better than cure as in the case, of current, the situation as no vaccine is available right now.

What did President Trump say about the news?

Yes, President Trump will schedule fairly soon he might go for a test. Moreover, white house officials say “that he doesn’t need any test for coronavirus as he has no interaction with Brazilian officials”. President Trump has given advice to citizens while an interview to follow guidelines provided by the World Health Organization”. And Americans should listen to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

Furthermore, he suggested to Americans, those have contact with a person with positive test, should self-isolate self and get tested for coronavirus. The reporter was asking Mr. President that is he going to be selfish, In this matter of infectious disease while he said he doesn’t require a test for coronavirus.

So, he replied that he may likely go for a test. As Mr. Trump was not knowing that”Brazilian officials were infected from the disease”. Therefore, the reporter was asking about development on Thursday’s meeting, and he said that he was not concerned about the disease of Brazilian officials.

News from white house about coronavirus.

The news came from White House medical unit and United States secret service are working closely with other agencies, to ensure that every preventive measure has been taken properly to keep the first & second families, and staffs of the white house to keep them healthy As, per CDC guidelines, there no identifiable symptom or indication for coronavirus. Only prolonged exposure to the virus gives confirmed positive tests and should be isolated. Officials from White House says that “we are monitoring the situation closely and update everyone soon as we get more information.

World Health Organization is trying to create awareness for the prevention of coronavirus.

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  1. Thank you for your question, Mr. JAVAD. According, to CDC guidelines, after exposure to the virus, it takes about 14days for symptoms to appear. But, that person may be the carrier, in case symptoms remain recessive. Lab diagnosis can confirm the presence of the Virus.

    As rRT-PCR, and serological tests are done multiple times, The single negative report can’t confirm the presence of the virus. It depends on the phase of the virus, and specimen. In the active phase, it is possible to get positive results, But in the case of recent exposures, it is difficult to get accurate results. For overcoming such errors, CDC has suggested isolating self, in case of exposure or contact with a person infected from the virus, And get tested again after a few days. CDC has recommended performing two confirmatory tests, And also recommends collecting a different sample of the specimen.


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