Probiotics may help you keep your mind fresh and keep away depression in 2020

Probiotics will help you fight depression every day as it lessens anxiety

A review published in the journal named BMJ Nutrition, Prevention, and Health suggests that probiotics are helpful for getting rid of depression. As far as researchers are concerned these drugs will help lessen anxiety.

Foods that broaden the profile of helpful bacteria in the gut are collectively known as probiotics, while prebiotics is compounds that help these bacteria to flourish. In the UK in 2016-17, 1.4 million people were referred to mental health issues, over half of them (53%) had anxiety or stress-related disorders, while a third (33%) had depression.

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Probiotics will help you stay away from depression

A 2-way relationship exists between the brain and the digestive tract, known as the gut-brain axis. And the possibility that the microbiome, the range and number of bacteria resident in the gut, might help treat mental ill health has become a focus of interest in recent years.

To explore this further, the researchers searched for relevant studies published in English between 2003 and 2019, which looked at the potential therapeutic contribution of pre and probiotics in adults with depression and/or anxiety disorders.

Nevertheless, on the basis of the preliminary evidence to date, pre and probiotic therapy warrant further investigation, they suggest. Probiotics may help reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals, such as cytokines, as is the case in inflammatory bowel disease, suggest the researchers. Or they may help direct the action of tryptophan, a chemical thought to be important in the gut-brain axis in psychiatric disorders.

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