Rare Ring of Fire Solar eclipse: A complete recap on how it happened with some cool pic and next Solar Eclipse of 2020

solar eclipse
The entire world just witnessed the most stunning annular solar eclipse in 2020!

This year is throwing surprises out of nowhere every day. However, June 21, 2020, has got to be the most interesting day in a long time. Today is celebrated as World Music Day, Father’s Day, and is also the longest day of the year as it is the beginning of summer solstice. But another interesting fact for the day is the occurrence of an annular solar eclipse.

Complete annular solar eclipse 2020 as caught by NASA

This year the beginning of the solar solstice coincided with the annular solar eclipse. This incident took place while the moon could not book the sun completely. However, this leads to the formation of the “Ring of Fire” according to the astronomers. This is a once in a lifetime incident that you get to watch.

Annular Solar Eclipse 2020: A total recap

The path of the eclipse totality, when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are perfectly aligned, passed from west to east over 12 countries on 21 June 2020. A partial eclipse was also visible at various times in dozens of other countries, though poor weather across South East Asia made viewing difficult. A live stream of the eclipse was broadcast as it passed directly over Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Crescent-shaped Solar Eclipse 2020 as observed from Noida, India

The solar eclipse was amazing to look at as the entire event went through 9 phases. In the maximum position, people could see the amazing “Ring of Fire” formation until it slowly faded off with the passing of time.

Solar eclipse
Annular eclipse for 2020 as seen visibly from Karachi, Pakistan

The entire event keeps us waiting for more such beautiful scenarios. In terms of the pandemic, there is no positive news as such. Turns out that the research claims about the solar eclipse killing Coronavirus were false.

Solar eclipse
Partial solar eclipse visible from Kurukshetra, India this morning

There’s not too long to wait for the next solar eclipse. Less than six months until a total solar eclipse on 10 December 2020, which will pass over South America and the southern tip of Africa. Till then you can watch the live stream provided and enjoy the beauty of our universe.

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