Record-Breaking NASA Astronaut Christina Koch to Narrate Children Story due to Coronavirus Lock-Down!

Christina Koch to Narrate Children Story due to Coronavirus

We all know that the NASA astronaut Christina Koch has returned to our earth. She landed after a record-breaking stay of 328 days on the International Space Station. This was a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. This extended mission of Koch will help them to study and research about the effects of long term space flight on a woman.

When Koch landed on earth, the situation was chaotic due to the coronavirus outbreak. Peoples had self-isolated and stressed due to lock-down in their own houses.

“One year ago, launching into space reinforced to me that the most important thing on Earth is the people you love. Today, as we all stay close to home, I’m struck how that still couldn’t be more true,” Koch tweeted regarding quarantine.

During her stay in space, Koch conducted many scientific experiments in the orbital labs. She also studied microgravity, combustion, bio-printing and kidney stones.

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Christina Koch Steps to Cheer Children on Self-Isolation

In this situation, Christina Koch has tweeted that she will be narrating children’s stories on Instagram every weekday at 4 pm ET.

We all know that children can be a handful when it comes to handling them. They keep us hot on our feet all the time when we are with them. Due to this quarantine, the children have forced to stay inside their homes.

Those who have children in their homes know how busy they are due to this quarantine. They have neither bored nor have time to work from home due to their cute little kids.

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They have exhausted due to taking care of their kid and playing with them to distract them from going out. For all those exhausted parents out there Christina Koch’s tweet is like a holiday package. But you can’t go out, instead, you’ll have some time for yourself.

It has known that Christina Koch lives in Texas with her husband, Robert Koch.

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