Remember how the Earth was about to end in 2012? The theory claims that Mayan Calendar was 8 years behind time and Earth ends in June 21!

Our planet may come to an end from a mass calamity this month as research reveals 2020 in Mayan Calendar’s 2012

From the numerous near-orbital asteroids passing by and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our planet is facing a lot in 2020. However, the situations are very similar to the predictions of a characteristic doomsday year for Earth. If you all remember the mysterious Mayan Calendar and the rumors about the end of the world in 2012. Turns out the calculations were a little bit off. Actually the calendar in itself was not wrong.

It is the interpretation of the same that was a bit off. Some of these conspiracy theorists say that our planet will end the next week. One may not believe it directly, but the surrounding circumstances actually point to this only. With all the dangerous events like near-earth asteroids, wildfires, racist activities, pandemics, and epidemics all around us. It is only natural to believe in this theory.

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Earth destroyed in 2020: Gregorian Calendar

The Mayan Calendar was developed by the Mayans which can be directly read by the same people. But for common people like us, the Gregorian Calendar came out in 1582. However, there was a slight problem with this. The Gregorian Calendar already accounts for 11 days lost in that year. 11 days may not look much, but 11 days multiplied over the time of 286 years is a big deal. This means that we may be back in 2012 now.

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Mathematically speaking, 11 days through 268 years measures to about 2,948 days. When you turn this into a yearly value you will see that it is currently 8 years short. This means 2020 of the Gregorian Calendar is equal to 2012 of the Mayan Calendar. So, the calculation specifically comes to the date of June 21, 2020. This is the corresponding of December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar. Earth is constantly facing asteroid threats as of now. NASA’s official observatory updates the supposed threats hourly. However, Sentry tries to keep everything under control for the moment.

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