Renewable energy: Can you generate electricity from your shadow? Yes, Scientists find a new way to generate light from your shadow

Renewable energy
You will now b able to use renewable energy from your own shadow to generate electricity

Scientists have been working to replace conventional fuel sources for a long time now. Using up Earth’s natural resources for our own benefits is not something new. However, recently many researchers have considered going through the part of renewable energy sources. What is more renewable in this planet than darkness and shadows? Apparently, new research shows new insights on how to generate electricity by using only our shadows.

The new research is shown using a prototype device that generates electricity from shadows only. However, the idea may feel like one out of a sci-fi movie. The newly launched Shadow-effect Energy Generator (SEG) can actually be a part of the future with renewable resources.

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SEG: Renewable Energy source for electricity

The new fascinating concept comes directly from the research department of the National University of Singapore (NUS). People will now finally be able to generate electricity at no extra recurring cost. The device, SEG, takes into consideration the contrast between light and dark in order to generate electric power.

Renewable energy
Shadow-effect Energy Generator (SEG) image credit: sciencealert

The device consists of a series of thin strips of gold film which are on top of a silicon wafer at the top of a flexible plastic base. For most cases of renewable energy, like harnessing solar energy, shadows cause a major line of problems. However, this experiment pus shadows to good use.

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The technology currently produces low amounts of electrical energy, but it is enough to charge electronic gadgets and help run at least one piece of equipment in your house. SEG is way cheaper than any conventional solar cell. Shadows are everywhere ego, we might even put it to some use, says, researchers.

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