Researchers from Stanford develop Smart Toilet to analyze feces and detect Coronavirus!

Smart Toilet

Recently researchers notified that leaving the toilet lid open while flushing spreads Coronavirus. According to a study, the chances of spreading the COVID-19 virus increases if the toilet is open. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, normally spreads through human contact. But now a study shows it can spread through unhygienic excretion disposal. If a person having Coronavirus, defecated and leaves the lid open. Then there will be a higher chance that the virus circulates in the air. To detect this, researchers from Stanford have come up with a ‘Smart Toilet‘.

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How does the Smart Toilet work?

The Smart Toilet can analyze a person’s feces to know if they have Coronavirus. But this medicine marvel does not stop there. Researchers from Stanford University say, ” it can analyze a person’s feces and urine to identify various forms of cancer and other diseases”.

The ‘Smart Toilet‘ can also identify a person by identifying their anal prints. 21 participants volunteered in this research finding. The studies are published in the Nature Biomedical Engineering Science Journal, April 6.

The device can record a person’s urine and feces which goes through a process of complex algorithms. It also has motion sensors in it. The toilet can determine the stream time and the volume of the urine. But it can also measure the viscosity of the feces.

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Sanjiv Gambhir, Professor and chair of radiology at Stanford, says ” The idea dates back almost 15 years. But people always laugh due to its oddness”.

The smart toilet is also the perfect way to harness a source of data which is normally ignorable. And people don’t have to do anything differently. Sanjiv wants the smart toilet to be an accessory to the average person’s bathroom.

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