Researchers from the United States have developed the Worlds’ smallest vaccine to help cure Coronavirus!


The Coronavirus pandemic cannot be stopped until a vaccine is ready. According to sources, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have successfully developed a vaccine. But this is not like other conventional vaccines. Because this new vaccine is 3D printed into a 400 glucose pin structure which is smaller in size than an average human finger. Scientists are still waiting for approval of authorities to start human testing.

Currently, vaccination tests are going on all over the world. With very few novel research ideas left, many scientists are applying vaccines that are effective on animals. Further clinical trials will let us know about their efficiency.

According to a study released by the prestigious Pittsburgh Medical school, researchers may have found a cure for Coronavirus. This discovery is able to produce enough SARS-CoV-2 antibodies which are more than enough to suppress the disease.

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The vaccine is delivered into the skin through a fingertip-sized patch of microscopic needles.

PittCoVacc Vaccine: World’s smallest vaccine

This experiment, as of now, has given positive results in cases of mice. Human trials still require mass testing. The entire vaccine is based on PittCoVacc, which is a finger-sized vaccine patch. The scientists have used viral protein particles to help bind with the viral RNA. This is different from conventional mRNA based vaccines.

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The scientists are basically using a microneedle array which helps increase the efficiency of the vaccines. This array helps the spike protein to reach the surface of viral RNA. The sugar pins dissolve after some time of pricking on the skin. This new system is highly scalable. But more importantly, the sucrose needles do not melt even at room temperature.

Animal vaccines are helpful to cure SARS and MERS diseases in wildlife, while human trials await health authority permissions. Do you think animal vaccines are the way to defeat Coronavirus? Let us know in the comments below!

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