Researchers from WHO warns about extending the lockdown period in Africa, health experts claim it will kill 200 million more without COVID-19

Many African nations swiftly adapted containment measures, but health systems are still facing overwhelming pressure

The Coronavirus pandemic has the potential to kill almost 160,000 people in Africa by the end of the year. In order to stop this sad reality, WHO modeling suggests that strict measures need to be taken by the government. However, prolonging the COVID-19 lockdown will not work as a favorable solution. This is mainly because of the ignorance in treating other equally infectious and deadly diseases. A recent outbreak of the Ebola virus raises the risk of overlapping pandemics.

Many African nations swiftly adapted containment measures, but health systems are still facing overwhelming pressure. The study shows that almost the entirety of South Africa will face a problematic situation once the lockdown period lengthens. In the entirety of Africa, about 231 million people will face health risks other than Coronavirus by the end of the year.

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The effect of prolonged lockdown in Africa

The Coronavirus pandemic is not the only disease to be scared of in a country like Africa. Africa faces a death toll of around 20 million from diseases like TB, HIV, and cancer. In addition to these diseases, the country is also facing infections from SARS related epidemics. The research study concludes that tuberculosis will kill nearly 5 million in the next 3 months if treatment is not given in time. For treatments to be available the lockdown requires lifting.

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Many hospitals have turned into quarantine zones for Coronavirus patients. This puts the other patients at life risk. Many patients are facing several organ failures, due to the ongoing of Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Children are not able to receive proper nutrition due to the scarcity of food. Study shows the number of malnutrition cases will rise further if lockdown continues.

The African governments need to form a well planned “exit strategy“. This will help flatten the curve as well as treat the ill people. Let us know your opinions in the comment box below!

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