Researchers give the advice to check sewage regularly for COVID-19, reports show Coronavirus spreads faster through sewers!


Environmental researchers around the world are currently studying the extent of Coronavirus spread through sewers. According to reports, people need to stay alert for a second wave of COVID-19 through sewage plants. Though many scientists do not consider this as a threat, still it has the potential to infect millions worldwide. This is because sewage water contains traces of the Coronavirus shed from the intestines of infected individuals.

The research is currently published in a journal. It shows that even though the virus spreads through human interaction, sewage transmission is another possibility. Recent reports confirm that the virus can stay alive in human feces for 33 days. However, this reading comes from a patient who is cured of Coronavirus. Based on this research scientists confirm that sewage treatment plants pose a virus transmission risk.

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Sewage treatment helps spread Coronavirus faster

The genetics structure of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, especially the lipid-protein structure describes its behavior in a liquid environment. The Coronavirus differs from most other diseases in terms of infecting the intestine. According to the researchers, the SARS viruses can stay alive in sewage for almost 14 days. Patients suffering from the asymptomatic infection will never know that their intestines are a house to the Coronavirus.

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The transport of the virus in water increases its chances to move through aerosols. This will cause harm when pumping the wastewater out of the sewage systems. The Coronavirus particles will spread through the air. Such spreads will lead to poor healthcare infrastructure. Further research will help clarify the fecal transmission of Coronavirus.

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