Rocket Lab postpones Next Mission due to Coronavirus Outbreak

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The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected space organizations globally. Rocket Lab, a private American space organization has postponed the launch of its next mission, ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ following the COVID-19 outbreak. ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ is a shared mission that includes satellites from NASA and the US. Their immediate objective is to help in the health and safety of all their team members and the global community.

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Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand will be under use for launching the mission. Rocket Lab has paused all launch preparations. In recent years, they have placed immense emphasis on delivering responsive launch capability for their customers. This means getting launch vehicles and pads ready for fast launch capability. In the days, weeks, and months to come, the company will be abiding by the government’s policies. CEO Peter Beck said, “The majority of our team is working from home with the ex of a few essential personnel who are monitoring and maintaining critical systems.” Rocket Labs has resources ready to fasten processes once the situation is under control.

Coronavirus Outbreak
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COVID-19 to reach Level 4 in New Zealand

New Zealand government on March 23, announced the COVID-19 outbreak to reach Level 4. This will mean that everyone needs to stay at home, while all other businesses are closed. Rocket Lab, founded in New Zealand, is currently headquartered in Los Angeles. They commend the government’s action to help curb the spread of the virus.

US space agency NASA has also stopped going forward with its mission ‘ARTEMIS’. SpaceX is also under pause. ISRO has also been affected in this ongoing pandemic.

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Everyone should remain under self-quarantine. Stay calm, stay safe, and stay healthy. The fight against Coronavirus needs the participation of every human being. The virus has killed 15,000 and rising individuals until now.

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