Russian space agency Energia will change the way of tourism! Plans to take tourist for Space walk by 2023

Roscosmos and Energia will change the way of tourism as they plan for Space Walk by 2023

Roscosmos has teamed up with RSC Energia, a Russian space organization, in order to complete their next plan. The space corporations are planning to help commercialize the space. Till now the United States was the only country which indulged in commercializing the space travel along with NASA and SpaceX. The Commercial Crew Program of NASA is currently aiming to carry researchers and other personnel to space as a part of their new study.

The Russian space agency, Roscosmos confirmed about their new mission and says that they want to take their first two tourists to space on a spacewalk by 2023. All of this will be under the terms of a new contract with a U.S. partner. Energia has struck a contract with Space Adventures, who promise to take 2 tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2023.

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Energia competes with NASA to take humans on Space Travel

Russia is currently competing with the United States-based space organization, NASA in order to stay in the space race. The latest achievement of the historic “Launch America” event in the reusable Crew Dragon spacecraft ended the monopoly of Russia on shuttling astronauts to orbit.

In order to counter this Russia will send 2 tourists on space who will perform spacewalk under the guidance of Russian cosmonauts. The announcement comes days after NASA signed a deal with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space tourism company to promote private missions to the station after a special training program in the U.S.

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If you choose to fly to space on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, you have the opportunity to conduct a spacewalk, accompanied by a professional cosmonaut says the official website. The company together with the Russian agency previously took eight tourists to the ISS between 2001 and 2009.

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