Scientist claims the coming 21 June solar eclipse can kill the Coronavirus! Is this true or is it a fake news?

Solar eclipse
This solar eclipse may help kill the Coronavirus pandemic according to an Indian scientist

A scientist from claims to have found a connection between coronavirus outbreak and solar eclipse. According to his theory, the coronavirus leak may be an effect of particle mutation of the first neutron due to fission energy emission. Dr. KL Sundar Krishna, Earth, and Nuclear scientist say that the Coronavirus started claiming lives from December of 2019. This may be because of the planetary configuration according to the new alignment in the solar system.

The public will observe 2020’s first solar eclipse this June. On June 21, 2020, the sun, moon, and earth will align on the same line. This year the solar eclipse will be an annular one where we can see the diamond ring formation.

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Solar Eclipse 2020: Will Coronavirus go away?

According to his research, the virus has occurred from the upper atmosphere due to the inter-planetary force variation, a new alignment in which the Earth has created a conducive atmosphere. For the first neutrons (with no charge in nature), are coming out of most fission energy from the sun. They may have started nucleating (nucleus formation) with foreign absorbing material which could be a nucleus of the biomolecule, Bio-nuclear interaction taken place in the upper atmosphere. The mutation of the biomolecular structure (protein) might have been a possible source of this virus.

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However, this may not be completely true. Because nuclear fission is a random phenomenon that occurs on the surface of the Sun. Therefore, the solar eclipse may not be a special occasion to kill a deadly virus. According to Time Magazine, and NASA the solar corona may be an indicator of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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