Scientists are competing among each other to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus, 5 Oxford researchers receive $14 million funding!

Coronavirus Vaccine

The Coronavirus pandemic is not looking to slow down any soon without proper scientific intervention. The government is enhancing funding and resources in order to find a vaccine for COVID-19 faster. The Coronavirus spreads through human interaction and direct contamination. The virus is eradicating humans faster than expected. Self-quarantine and localized treatment are not going to be enough to contain this virus outbreak.

A mass-vaccination program is necessary to take everything under control and devise an exit strategy. This will allow the government to uplift the lockdown slowly as most will receive the immunization. This can also be a way to improve and push forward ‘herd immunity’.

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Taskforce sanctioned for the Vaccine!

According to the NHS, mass vaccination really helps eradicate diseases as they did for tetanus, smallpox, and polio. A new task force is in charge of this vaccine research. 5 researchers from the University of Oxford are co-ordinating to find a suitable vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. The task force just received a $14 million worth of funding by the government. This comes as a part of a £24.6 million deal for rapid research response, allotted by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The Imperial College, London, is currently researching a vaccine that will increase the total count of antibodies in your body. Because this will help stay more immune to the virus naturally for a long time.

The researchers from the University of Oxford are currently busy with testing a vaccine made from an antimalarial drug and an antibiotic. This is because they act as an anti-inflammatory in humans, and can actually reduce the symptoms of COVID-19.

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The World Health Organization is trying all it can to produce working vaccines as fast as they can. Mass human trials are just starting. But hopefully, government agencies will give the green signal to researchers to start mass immunization. Because the world is waiting for a Coronavirus cure.

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