Do you smell bad sometimes? No worries, scientists have figured out mystery of body odor

Body Odor
It’s not your fault entirely when you stink because Bacterial DNA has something to do with it

Body Odor is one of those things that we hate but have to live with right there in our underarms and pits. However, this may not be your fault only. Turns out the smell has many reasons and is mainly due to a particular enzyme that is responsible for a characteristic pungent smell. University of York researchers have been able to show a certain few bacterias which live in your armpits.

The same group of researchers has been working with a team of researchers from Unilever who have gone a step further to discover this unique body odor enzyme. Research co-author Dr. Michelle Rudden from the group of Prof. Gavin Thomas at the University of York’s Department of Biology says that solving the structure of this ‘BO enzyme’ has allowed us to pinpoint the molecular step inside certain bacteria that makes the odor molecules.

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Body Odor is a bi-product of bacteria and enzymes

Body odor is a characteristic trait of Homo sapiens, however, its role in human behavior and evolution is poorly understood. This research is a key advancement in understanding how body odor works and will enable the development of targeted inhibitors that stop BO production at the source without disrupting the armpit microbiome.

Scientists specifically identified the DNA of Staphylococcus hominis bacteria, the primary microbe responsible for processing sweat molecules that emit body odor. In the past, researchers at the University of York found that only a small number of bacteria living in the armpits facilitate the unpleasant smell. This research actually helps us understand that keeping good hygiene only may not let you keep a non-stinky underarm.

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Unilever has a range of products from perfume to deodorants which help mask this unpleasant pungent smell. It is important to use such products and keep yourself odor-free. Masking the pungent smell may sometimes become a big task, however, using the right products will make improvements.

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