Scientists have found a six-planet system orbit, study shows presence of mini-Neptunes and a “Super Earth” among others


Scientists are constantly on a journey to find unexplored. In space, such new findings are not that easy. But fortunately, the astronomers have discovered a six planet system including 5 mini Neptunes around it.

The best part is they are all revolving in the orbit in complete harmony. The spacing amongst the planets gives a hint on how they might have been formed.

The discovery lies in the newly found Draco Constellation around the star HD 158259. Previously the Draco Constellation appeared in the SOPHIE spectrograph installed at the Haute-Provence Observatory. The study is published in a well-known journal.

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NASA’s help in finding the planet system

However, according to Francois Bouchy, Professor at the University of Geneva, this observation was possible because of the improved instruments. The significant amount of accurate measurement details made it possible to find this planet system. SOFIA is a telescopic airplane under use by NASA. This discovery was possible because SOFIA was very close to the star HD 158259.

The newly found planet system appears to be very compact in nature. This is because of the distance between its outermost planet and its nearest star, which is 2.7 times smaller than that of the distance between Mercury and Sun.

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NASA has its very own space telescope which helped to observe the decrease in the star’s brightness. This is because the innermost planet came in between the telescope and the star. Researchers note that many such multi-planetary observations take place every year, but only very few contain 6 or more number of planets.

The entire star system of the HD 158259 containing six planets makes it an interesting finding. The Super-Earth is almost 6 times as large as our planet. It will take more observations to learn about these new planets.

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