Coronavirus Outbreak

Scientists Warned China in 2007 Earlier to Coronavirus Outbreak of today

Coronavirus Outbreak

The new coronavirus, SARS COV-2 which causes the disease COVID-19, has killed over 14,500 people and infected over 2.40 lakh people globally.

We all know the fact that a respiratory disease called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome called SARS had spread across the world infected nearly 8,000 people seventeen years ago. Therefore, It took the lives of nearly 800 people and it has first appeared in china.

Is Chinese Food Habit the Main Cause of Coronavirus Outbreak?

Scientists had warned in a study published by Clinical Microbiology Reviews in 2007. According to that study, the situation in China was a “time bomb” for a dangerous Coronavirus outbreak. We all know that coronavirus is zoonotic, which is spread from animals to humans.

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The scientists’ main cause for concern was due to the Chinese culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China. These types of farms and markets are common in China. In these overpopulation places, they eat anything and everything that has non-traditional protein sources. But that tradition could have deadly consequences.

In these places, we can see crowded wet markets packed with wild game and lacking bio-security. So we can also sense the common presence of SARS COV like viruses in horseshoe, bats, in combination with the well-known ability of coronaviruses to undergo genetic recombination.

We all know that the first case of the corona was found last November from Wuhan, China. Which is spread due to the consumption of wild animals from its Wuhan’s market?

Coronaviruses undergo genetic recombination. Which may lead to new genotypes and outbreaks.

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Due to china’s weird food habits, the entire world is suffering from COVID-19. Many people are losing their loved ones, their freedom to care, touch and protect each other. They are all caged in their own houses due to the lack of some other responsibility.

We hope China will change their food habits and learn from their mistake which consumed thousands of people. Not only china but also all the countries across the globe should learn from this outcome.

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