Snapchat will not promote US President Donald Trump’s content anymore! Know why

The move brings Snapchat more in line with Twitter’s approach to the president’s rhetoric, while Facebook has maintained it will not take action.

Snapchat stands strong against violence and racial abuse. The message sharing company will no longer help promote President Donald Trump’s content in the Discover section of the App. This move brings the messaging company close to the other social media giant, Twitter over the ongoing political debate. Snap claims to not help amplify any political sentiment through their application. The app’s discovery section normally contains content from several celebrities, news organizations, and politicians. But, from now on they will not show any personal content of Donald Trump.

This move comes as a direct retaliation to Trump’s threat to remove any and all social media applications. The CEO of the company exclaims that they will not promote any content that is racially abusive. Because injustice and class-specific racial violence go against the company’s regulatory policies. Recent slogans for #blacklivesmatter started trending all over social media after the case involving George Floyd.

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Donald Trump: No support from Snapchat

Currently, the social messaging app is not the only company taking action on political content. Recently, Twitter red-flagged the President of the United States because the content glorified violence. However, the president claimed innocence on the case and additionally threatened to shut down all social media companies.

Donald Trump’s tweet reads “When the looting starts, shooting stars.” This is enough proof that the man sitting in the White House is inhuman. He even reposted the tweet through the official White House page. However, Facebook is the only company that seems okay with this. This may be due to political pressure.

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Recently a few Facebook officials organized a walkout in order to protest the presidential content. Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel laid the groundwork for week’s discussion on the heated issue. He said that the app will not promote any political content which incites racial violence. Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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