Social distancing helps prevent Coronavirus but its bad for your mental health, Study suggests many side effects!


To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, Government officials all around the world are taking a harsh step. This is exactly what ‘social distancing‘ really means. But this new principle goes against the law of nature.

Because human beings are extremely social in behavior. There are deeds like supporting your family, friends, neighbors, and community hardwired within you. It is hard to just stand apart and see bad things happen. But, desperate times require desperate measures.

Now here we are, in this apocalyptic scenario, not allowed to go outside, not allowed to see your friends, e.t.c. This entire ordeal is depressing to humans. Because humans naturally crave physical contact. Meeting someone, talking to them, listening to them, shaking their hands, and so many other things are what make us human. The social connections are what keeps us ticking like a clock. Many people are actually going into depression due to this social distancing act.

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But the first priority is to follow the distancing norms to prevent the spread of the virus. Because without humans, there is no question of mental health. But each coin has two sides. In the same way, social distancing will help save you physically but it will cost you mentally.

Psychologists in the Center for Science and Social Connection, at the University of Washington, are currently performing a study. The research helps suggest ways to tackle such mental problems.

How to improve your mental health amid Coronavirus lockdown?

The following activities will help boost your mental health along with that of your family members. It will also improve your social well-being.

  1. You finally have enough time to spend with your family. When was the last time you got to spend months with your family? Embrace everyone from now on. Do not hold grudges on anyone in this time of the pandemic. Forgive everyone with open arms, it will bring you happiness.
  2. Try to be generous to everyone. If there are people in need of help in your area, neighborhood, or community. Make sure to help them but abide by the social distancing norms.
  3. Lastly, do not overwork yourself. Enjoy your leisure time. Most importantly breathe, and stop panicking.

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The human race has faced far worse than Coronavirus throughout history. So there is no need to overwork yourself. The government has made it clear to stay in your home. But he never said stay in and be sad. Enjoy yourself and stay healthy.

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