Solar energy will now become more affordable as oxygen breathes life into solar cell

solar cell
Oxygen breathes new life into solar cell research and makes it more affordable

Recent research studies have finally figured a way to convert different wavelengths of light into a form of power using new solar cells. The new process involves a high amount of energy harvesting from a new source of energy ‘invisible light’ which is used in the solar cells. This has been a significant boost thanks to new technology. Scientists in the United States of America and Australia have finally turned low energy light into heavy energy light which can be captured by solar cells using ‘oxygen’ as the main ingredient.

Researchers from the ARC Center of Excellence in Exciton Science and UNSW Sydney found this extraordinary way to capture the energy of the sun. The method of converting low and non-visible light to generate power.

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Solar cell will generate power from invisible light and use oxygen for the same

Solar power arrays allow generating more electricity from the same amount of sunlight and are currently used to make solar technology more efficient. It is fairly inefficient and not really made for commercial applications which according to Tim Schmidt, the senior author of the paper, but they are working on improvements.

The energy from the Sun is not just the visible light or photon radiations that can be seen. The spectrum is broad and includes everything from infrared to ultraviolet light. The solar cells have the ability to charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras and photodiodes which are made from silicon, which cannot respond light less energetic than the near-infrared.

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To extend the range of the sensitivity of these devices and potentially increase the efficiency of solar cells. One way of doing this is to capture multiple smaller energy photons of light and glue them together. This new solar cell technology has the ability to utilize oxygen to produce energy.

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