SpaceX launches Starlink Satellites, sees Silver UFO’s in live stream!

UFO in SpaceX Launch

SpaceX, a private American aerospace manufacturer, launched a new batch of Starlink satellites on March 18, 2020. All of the satellites launched into the low-Earth orbit using Falcon9. Falcon9 is SpaceX’s flagship delivery aircraft. Starlink satellites build a map constellation of interconnected satellites.

The cameras mounted on the aircraft live-streamed the entire event. This broadcast showed evidence of UFOs. It is not unnatural to see unidentified flying objects in space nowadays. A UFO expert spots unidentified objects in space. Scot Waring, the founder of ET Database, spotted these UFO’s while they were passing by the satellites. Examination of the footage shows the UFOs to have appeared from Earth and flying towards deep space.

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Waring says, ” The UFOs are small and one of them has a silver-colored body”. He says, “The object is solid, round, looks like a disc”. Which is pretty much similar to the strange objects that were spotted flying near NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis missions. One of these encounters happened during the STS-104 mission in 2001″.

The exact description of the object is not clear. It might be a part of the debris that came from the rocket, Falcon9 during the several stages of detachment. It is clearly not a satellite. Because satellites do not move with such high speed in the orbit. That keeps only one possibility open which is an Alien vehicle.

SpaceX has not released any official notification regarding the footage what do you think about this? Comment down below!

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