SpaceX makes a century! Receives more than 100 Spacecraft offers for Rideshare Program

SpaceX is currently going to help launch 100 spacecraft using the Falcon-9 rocket as a part of the Rideshare Program

SpaceX is currently facing success stories one after the other. After the successful launch of the historic “Launch America” event the company is currently receiving 100s of offers. All of them have something to do with the Rideshare Program. In the August of 2019 SpaceX first announced about the Smallsat Rideshare Program. But it was in 2020 that the company started to see a shaft in their tide.

This is because of the recent launch of 3 SkySat vehicles for the space company, Planet. After that, the company has been receiving hundreds of offers for using their historic Falcon-9 aircraft for upcoming missions. Elon Musk launched an official website to take care of all such reservations.

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SpaceX is providing cheap service for satellite launch

Launching satellites using your own rockets is a big task which is also monetarily heavy. However, Elon Musk is ready to provide service at a competently low cost. SpaceX has managed to reduce the total launch costs of its Falcon 9 rocket too, in some cases, below $50 million. The United Launch Alliance’s launches tend to cost many hundreds of millions of dollars.

An official Reddit space for SpaceX online claims that for 400 pounds is enough for a person (with a death wish) to squeeze themselves into a box and be sent into space. All of this is possible due to the reusability of the Falcon-9 rocket.

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