SpaceX makes history after launching 60 US Starlink Satellites aboard Falcon-9 today, just after the Launch America event!

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites will help deliver a strong reliable internet connection to all remote areas in the planet

SpaceX continues to make history in the space race as the organization launches a second Falcon-9 rocket in just 4 days. On June 3, 2020, SpaceX finally launched all 60 satellites as a part of their Starlink constellation. The latest launch takes the total to around 480 satellites all of which are beneficial for the growth of the USA. The Falcon-9 launch took place from Florida. However, this is also the place where NASA launched the Crew Dragon mission last week. The Launch America event on May 27, 2020, was the beginning of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

But, the latest space mission from SpaceX today, did not include any human life. The private US space organization just send a few broadband internet satellites which have now joined the Starlink swarm. The constellation of these satellites will help provide high-bandwidth and a reliable internet source, especially in underserved areas.

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SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites

Starlink satellites weighing up to 260kg and orbit at an altitude of 550km from the earth. Since they are placed in a lower orbit they have a small coverage area compared to

communication satellites that operate in medium earth orbit between 2,000 km and 35,000 km or the larger satellites in geosynchronous orbit, which are placed above 35,000 km. This is why SpaceX needs a large network of satellites.

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What gives Starlink an edge over medium and geosynchronous satellites is it’s proximity to earth. Internet signals travel through the latter suffer from issues like latency and interference. SpaceX claims Starlink will reduce latencies to 25 milliseconds.

The company plans to offer satellite internet services to most of the world by 2021. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! Don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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