SpaceX cancels launch of Starlink satellites again today after 2 previous fails!

SpaceX launches Starlink satellite today after 2 failures using Astronomer friendly methods

SpaceX is willing to take a chance today once again for its attempt to launch the 10th batch of Starlink satellites into orbit. This was their 3rd attempt to launch these Starlink satellites after the previous 2 failures. The satellite launch was scheduled for Falcon 9 blast off on July 11 at 10:54 A.M EDT. The launch includes 57 Starlink satellites and 2 BlackSky spacecraft. Unfortunately, the launch did not take place.

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The mission had been scheduled for Wednesday, July 8, but had to be scrubbed within the final hour before launch due to weather conditions. The 10th Starlink launch will include 57 Starlink satellites to be placed into orbit, in addition to a number of other satellites from other companies as part of SpaceX’s rideshare program.

SpaceX fails to launch Astronomer friendly satellite

The dispatch is going to be outstanding as all the Starlink satellites which are to be launched are fitted with a new visor which helps keep some reflection from the sun and diminish the effect that these dispatches have on astronomic perceptions. Space experts have said that, with their heavenly body dispatches and low circle, Starlink satellites play with observations and could truly hurt their capacity to gather scientific information.

All Starlink satellites on this flight are equipped with a deployable visor to block sunlight from hitting the brightest spots of the spacecraft.

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Other plans in the works include a DarkSat prototype which is made using different materials and is, therefore, less reflective. You can watch the launch live as it happens on SpaceX’s website. The launch was canceled once again today as SpaceX needs more checkout times to figure out their issues.

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