SpaceX Starship explodes on its 1st unmanned rocket test as people get ready for the historic “Launch America” event today!

SpaceX faces trouble as the new Starship rocket explodes into a fireball today!

The heavy-lift rocket from SpaceX seems to have encountered a problem. The new Starship rocket which was a part of their upcoming flagship space missions exploded today. The entire thing happened during the planned ground test today. This might be because of Elon Musk trying to pursue an aggressive schedule in order to launch the vehicle. This explosion has no direct relationship with the upcoming historic event of “Launch America” 2020.

But, for any space organization, it becomes difficult to trust these machines after such an incident occurs. The prototype of the Starship rocket exploded into a fireball at SpaceX’s Boca Chica test site today. The entire event was recorded on NASA Spaceflight’s official website.

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SpaceX Starship: An unprecedented explosion

The entire incident looks very dangerous, and it could have caused many human casualties. Thankfully, due to the ongoing lockdown, no one was exposed to the horrific incident. SpaceX is not responding to the incident currently. Starship is the rocket from the company that stands at 120m by being the heaviest spaceship out there. It is a part of the company’s next generation of fully reusable launching spacecraft.

But no one thought they’ll try testing reusability by blowing up the rocket. It is a pretty shocking incident for the company. SpaceX is going to face a lot of problems with this incident very soon.

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Within a few hours, NASA and SpaceX will be trying again to send two astronauts into space from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The Crew Dragon capsule sits atop the powerful Falcon-9 rocket. Let us know about your excitement in the comments section below!

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