Sun just enters the ‘solar minimum’ in 2020! NASA claims the largest solar flare in years is about to happen soon

The recent solar flare, M-class, caused a small radio blackout and was followed by a small C-class flare within three hours

The sun in our solar system is currently producing a large solar flare. Recently a study claimed that the sun is entering a period of ‘solar minimum’ in the year 2020. This is normally an indication of the active solar cycle of the sun. But these periods of intense activity is bad for our planet. That is because it causes interference with the satellite and radio equipment in space.

A NASA aircraft recently spotted a large number of sunspots in the star. These are dark areas on the surface of the ball of fire, which possess complex magnetic fields. Recently, on May 29, 2020, a small solar flare came towards our planet while sending harmful radiation in the atmosphere. This solar flare falls under the M-Class. These M-class flares are stronger than the C-class flares but not as powerful as the X-class flares. X-class flares cause radio blackouts on our planet.

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The largest solar flare from the Sun

All the classes of solar flares are a 10X multiplier of each other. The classes are A-class, B-class, C-class, M-class, and X-class, in that order. The more important point, however, is that an X-class flare is further divided into 10 more classes each 10 times more powerful than the other. In 2003, the solar flare caused the ‘solar maximum‘ which led to the X28 sensor cutout.

The currently solar flare, M-class, did cause a small radio blackout and was followed by a small C-class flare within three hours of the first attack. But researchers claim this is only the beginning. As the sun goes deeper into the ‘solar minimum‘ our second nearest star will grow more powerful and active.

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