Sundar Pichai: Google to help fight the battle of Coronavirus with More than $800M!

Sundar Pichai

Google and its parent company Alphabet’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai has launched small and medium units (SMBs), health organizations, to deal with challenges in view of the worldwide threat of Coronavirus. And to support government agencies and health workers has committed more than $ 800 million.

Pichai gave information about this through a tweet. Coronavirus continued to spread its legs around the world. About 30,000 people have been reported dead due to this disease. Sundar Pichai wrote in his blog post“Small and medium businesses worldwide will get $ 34 million in the form of Google Ad Credit”.

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This amount will be available for the units whose accounts have been active for the last year. Notification of their Google The ad account will be seen. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 100 government agencies will be given advertising assistance of $ 250 million. Shall be made to the fund invested $ 20 million, which will help NGOs and financial institutions to arrange capital for small businesses. In addition, he is also committed to providing assistance. ”

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The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in America, considered the world’s most powerful country. The cases of coronavirus are increasing continuously until now. Surprisingly, now they have crossed the 100,000 marks. On Friday, Johns Hopkins University tracker put these facts in front. As of today, 115,986 cases including near 20,000 deaths were reported in the US. Most cases are coming from New York. In the United States, the number of cases of infection is about 15,000 from Italy and more than 20,000 from China.

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