Supercomputer simulations show how the asteroid impact perfectly destroyed the dinosaurs almost 66 million years ago! Scientists try to predict the next event

The asteroid that caused the Chicxulub Crater, was just about enough to cause such damage all over the planet

The asteroid impact of 66 million years ago which destroyed the whole planet was perfectly carved for maximum damage. The conclusion is part of the new Mexican research team studying the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. However, this was not possible without the help of computing power and AI. The supercomputer led system ran simulations to help understand the impact of the asteroid.

The study, however, reveals that the asteroid was in the perfect range, which helped in the dispersion of choking vapors in the atmosphere. Whenever an asteroid hits a surface on the planet, it helps determine the exact angle of impact. Gareth Collins, a lecturer at the Imperial College of London, compared a set of simulations with the help of data available at the Chicxulub Crater. The asteroid destroyed dinosaurs almost 66 million years ago.

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Chicxulub Crater: The asteroid that destroyed Dinosaurs

When an asteroid hits the ground it gouges a huge hole in the ground. The surrounding landed starts collapsing while it forms a huge overshoot. It is very similar to the point where you throw a pebble in the water. During this “overshoot” almost the entire middle portion of the hole bounces back to form a plateau.

The research study focusses on the Chicxulub impact, where the central plateau tilted due to the impact of the asteroid at a certain angle. The supercomputer simulation which best matched the impact was that of a space rock accelerating with a speed of 20 kilometers per second. This asteroid hit the ground at an angle of 60 degrees according to the simulation.

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It was a “perfect storm“, a very bad day for dinosaurs. Scientists try to predict the next such apocalyptic event based on the simulation. As of now, we are safe. According to reports the possibility of another such asteroid hitting our planet is almost a few million years later. Till then we can live without fear. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below!

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