India and ISRO team up with Swedish space agencies for the 2023 Venus Mission-Shukrayaan-1

Swedish IRF satellite will help India succeed in the 2023 Venus Mission-Shukrayaan-1

Swedish Institute of Space Physics is going to help Indian space agency, ISRO in order to return to Venus on the first Indian Venus Mission- Shukrayaan-1. The IRF made a satellite instrument that will be inside the Shukrayaan-1. It is going to be the 9th generation of IRF`s series of miniatured ion and ENA instruments. ISRO is currently planning on the moon mission Gaganyaan after the success of SpaceX.

IRF`s satellite instrument Venusian Neutrals Analyzer (VNA) will study how the charged particles from the Sun interact with the atmosphere and exosphere of the planet. Between 2006-2014 IRF`s instrument ASPERA-4 (Analyzes of Space Plasma and Energetic Atoms) studied Venus onboard the European spacecraft Venus Express. Onboard the Indian Venus mission Shukrayaan-1, the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) will explore Venus for the second time.

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ISRO to take IRF satellite in the Shukrayaan-1

Venus is the twin of our Earth, but these planets are very different. The atmosphere is dense and hot, but it is waterless. Water existed 4 billion years ago when Venus was formed, but it has been lost, probably to space. ASPERA-4 proved that water on Venus is escaping to space with energy obtained from the solar wind.

The results also provide essential information to help us understand exoplanets around other stars, planets that ISRO cannot explore with instruments in place around them. The SARA experiment was the first collaborative project between IRF and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The new Venus mission means that the collaboration between IRF and ISRO continues.

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