Synairgen finds out new Protein Treatment! Will it finally save humans from Coronavirus

Synairgen to help save humanity as they find potential treatment for Coronavirus

Synairgen is currently claiming to come out with its new respiratory coronavirus treatment and help reduce the number of COVID-19 patients who need intensive care in the clinical trials. The British Pharmaceutical company says its nebulizer treatment produces an almost 79% lower risk of patients who develop the severe disease than those given a placebo in the initial trials.

The trial is still undergoing the final stages and therefore the study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, nor the full data made publicly available. Hopefully, the newly made drug will be able to help cure the ongoing pandemic globally.

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Synairgen helps treat Coronavirus in a new trial

The new trial drug, SNG001, is a formulation of a naturally-occurring antiviral protein called interferon beta inhaled directly into the lungs, in the hope of stimulating an immune response. The treatment is aimed at preventing infected patients deteriorating from requiring oxygen to being placed on a ventilator.

Synairgen will now have to present the findings to regulators around the world and will hope to follow antiviral drug remdesivir in receiving emergency approval from the British government. This assessment of SNG001 in Covid-19 patients could signal a major breakthrough in the treatment of hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

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The team’s efforts are now focused on working with the regulators and other key groups to progress with the potential Covid-19 treatment as rapidly as possible. According to the researchers’ Coronavirus antibody test is not enough to help you return to work.

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