The all-new 2020 Windows 20H2 update does not solve Microsoft’s problem! Experts claim it is a minor bug fix

Windows 10 update includes connectivity issues fix, major bug fixes, smooth UI transitions, flexible applications, and many more.

The latest Windows update from Microsoft is very much like that of the November 2019 update. The upcoming Windows 20H2 update for 2020 is more of a minor bug fix. It shows similarity to the low key upgrade Microsoft released in the latter half of 2019. Microsoft is currently planning to release a new OS, therefore it is only natural for them not to release any major update.

Windows Latest has successfully spotted the presence of the new build update. However, with the latest launch of the Azure security sphere and a new Linux open-source OS, it is possible that the tech giant is planning to launch a new operating system for all users.

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Windows 20H2 update: Is it a minor bug fix?

Last year, on May 10, 2019, Microsoft launched a full feature update for Windows 10. It included connectivity issues fix, major bug fixes, smooth UI transitions, flexible applications, and many more. However, it was followed by a more minor update on November 2019, which just included an enabler package. It was basically a service pack with documentation and small tweaks here and there. Nothing useful came out of it.

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As of May 2020, we got to see another enablement package offered by Microsoft. This further means that the upcoming 2020 20H2 update is also nothing but a minor bug fix. It will be a low-key affair for the tech industry. But, one need not necessarily sulk over it. Because small updates covering the minor bug fixes are as important as the major ones. The major update builds require a lot of time,  and it will be harmful if small builds are not procured in time.

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