The Coronavirus cure is all around us, Researchers claim smoking nicotine may help cure COVID-19


Smoking is definitely injurious to health, but sometimes it might also help keep pandemics away. New medical research in France shows the advantages of nicotine over Coronavirus. But further research is going on to confirm its use as a preventive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This study is an effect of examining 350 Coronavirus patients in a hospital in Paris. The study shows that a very low percentage of these people smoke, which is surprising considering the state rate of 35%. But those who did smoke a little were on the milder side of the infection.

Zahir Amoura, professor of internal medicine, says that around 5% of the admitted patients smoke. This research stands at par with a similar report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study shows that only 12% of 1000 infected patients in China were smokers. But this is a very low number considering the fact that around 26% of the Chinese population are smokers, according to WHO.

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How does Nicotine help prevent Coronavirus?

Researchers say that Nicotine has the ability to attach itself to the receptor cells, thus blocking the path of the virus. If the virus cannot enter the cell receptors it will not spread throughout the body. Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neurobiologist, claims that nicotine patches have the ability to suppress the infection of the Coronavirus.

Researchers await approval from the health authorities in order to move on with their clinical trials. Currently, they are using nicotine patches on their healthcare workers in order to understand its influence with the Coronavirus.

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A few infected patients also volunteered to receive the nicotine patch in order to relieve the symptoms. Research shows that nicotine helps reduce “cytokine storms” which play a key role in COVID-19 deaths.

But further research is required in order to understand the effect of tobacco and nicotine. We must not forget that smoking kills. Let us know what you think about this research in the comments section!

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