The Coronavirus is still spreading faster, but the lockdown will lead to the death of at least 1.2 million children worldwide, UNICEF Warns

The Coronavirus pandemic has so far infected 4 million people, UNICEF warns 1.2 million children may die if the lockdown continues

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire, while countries are busy extending lockdowns. However, according to UNICEF, any more lockdown will cause more harm than COVID-19 infection. The subsequent lockdowns reduce access to food, basic healthcare supplies, among other resources. All of this can lead to the death of almost 1.2 million children worldwide.

The lockdown period is still going on around the world, with only essential services operating fully. Even though children are moderately safe from the virus, the lockdown will surely kill many more. According to a research study, children, especially the ones living in poor countries, are unable to receive any kind of health checkup. They are also not receiving enough food, and maternal deaths will follow.

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UNICEF: The effect of Coronavirus lockdown

Lockdown procedures all across the world have disturbed health services. Due to this, many mothers are not receiving the right medication and food supplements. This may lead to a child born with malnutrition. On a global scale, the effect of this incident alone would be devastating. The research is based on a model analysis that takes into consideration the best and worst cases of any possible situation.

According to the model, in a best-case scenario, essential health services get reduced by almost 20%. This leads to the death of almost 2,50,000 children and 12,200 mothers over the next 6 months. But in a worst-case scenario, the health services fall by almost 50% which leads to the death of an additional 1,160,000 children along with 50,000 mothers.

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The entire situation is ghastly, and the government needs to act accordingly. America, for instance, is slowly leading to the 1 Lakh death mark due to Coronavirus. For such a country opening the lockdown will lead to a massacre. To keep a balance on both sides, free medical facilities should be given to the poor.

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