The Coronavirus may not be good for India, but the lockdown is. Reports show a record 50% drop in air pollution!


India is on a strict lockdown from March 24, 2020, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The country is facing hard times ahead, but there is news of relief in these hard times. The amount of Air pollution in India, especially the northern parts were high, very high in fact. But the current stretch of active lockdown protocols seems to keep everything under check. According to recent reports, India has seen a drop of 50% in pollution levels over the past few days.

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How did the Lockdown affect Air pollution?

All listed nonessential businesses are under lockdown along with a decrease in factory activities. But the lockdown is not only limited to industries. Because even domestic and International flights face temporary lockdowns. Ground transportation also stands suspended as people try practicing extensive social distancing methods.

Such a decrease in the total amount of human activities in India, NASA reported a 50% decrease in Air pollution. The number of aerosol particles in the air is around a 20 year low. This is the lowest this country has seen in a long time. Dust particles small automobiles are also absent. This gives the Indian atmosphere time to breathe.

People have never thought of aerosol values below 160 in the Indo-Gangetic plains of Northern India. On the map, you can see a big difference as compared to last year. This also suggests a fact that whether this lockdown did us more good than harm.

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Aerosol levels have diminished to a great extent in the air surrounding us. This means industry and factory work can go on full-fledge once the lockdown is lifted. The carbon emission rate is also very low. Maybe India can now go on full force with all industrial activities.

Let us know what you think about the current situation of India in terms of the aerosol count in the air.

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