The Coronavirus pandemic is about to end soon worldwide, as Scientists predict the UK and USA to be free from the virus by this September

Coronavirus pandemic
Researchers from Singapore University of Technology predict the end of Coronavirus pandemic worldwide

Scientists are finally out with an answer to when the Coronavirus pandemic will end. Researchers at the Singapore University of Technology have come up with an ML model which determines when the pandemic will end worldwide.

According to their prediction, Coronavirus will move away from the UK by the end of September 2020. Also, the death rates in the USA will see a steep downfall by the end of this November.

However, the researchers warn people to take the prediction results with caution. People need not be over-optimized after reading the results, as it will lead to a change in the prediction. This is because the predictions take into consideration the current state of the world. The final verdict will hold true, only if the countries strictly maintain social distancing policies.

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Coronavirus pandemic: Worldwide cure by the end of 2020

The official report available on the site, shows the United Kingdom to be free from the wrath of the virus by September 20, 2020. Further research also shows that the US will be free from the virus by November 11, 2020. However, Singapore will be the first country to get rid of the deadly virus. The researchers take into consideration a ratio between the drop in infection rates and the drop in death rates.

However, researchers believe that people should not be too optimistic about this report. Because the prediction is “uncertain” and has the potential to change with change in time. The dates are also not something permanent.

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It can change with a surge or further drop in infection or death rates. The USA is currently busy coming up with a vaccine and plans to vaccinate a few hundred million people by the end of 2020. ICMR, on the other hand is trying to cure the Coronavirus pandemic by using herbal products.

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