The Coronavirus vaccine may not be available for you, it will be for rich person Only

The Coronavirus vaccine will be available only to the rich and influential by year-end

Necessity is the mother of inventions, that is the motto nowadays in the fight against Coronavirus. FDA is currently strictly overlooking the vaccine testing and approval process for many trials. According to the researchers, proper work will lead to proper results. With the right amount of luck and hard work, the Coronavirus vaccine will be ready by the end of the year.

However, the most important question is what will happen after the cure is established. This is because right now there is no way to successfully vaccinate the entire population. Vaccinating the entire planet filled with 7 billion people will cost a lot in terms of resources and overheads. Right now the market and economy are weak for all countries. This means governments may just think of a sector of the population. But for a moment if we consider all of us will receive the vaccine for free, it will be a massacre. There will be chaos for survival which will spread the disease further.

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Coronavirus Vaccine: When will the public get one?

Currently, a trial vaccine is seeing positive results from the recent NIH clinical studies. The two most advanced vaccines in the running, Moderna and the Oxford vaccine—are entering into Phase II of the clinical trial stage, in which the vaccine goes from being tested on a small group of subjects to being tested on thousands of subjects. After Phase II, there will be one more phase of clinical trials to go, which will involve thousands of subjects to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. But clinical trials will not be the most difficult part.

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Delivering these vaccines to the general public is the point of concern. If one is to remember the polio vaccines, then you will see that only the rich people received it at first before the general public could get a hand on it. This is actually not a fault of the government, because the economy needs to stand strong in order to support the public. In due time the Coronavirus will be available for the general public.

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