The countdown begins for the first ever Mars mission of Israel as HOPE gets ready for launch this July only!

UAE gets ready for Arab’s first space mission ever with the new space probe named HOPE for unmanned Mars mission

The entire world is right now in a cold war with respect to space. The recent success of the “Launch America” mission has put every country on the wire. India is currently preparing for the next manned mission to the moon, Gaganyaan 2021. However, an even bigger response comes from the middle east nations. The United Arab Emirates is currently working on a space probe with Japan for its unmanned mission to Mars. But this will also be Arab’s first space mission ever.

The upcoming historic mission currently has the support of several middle eastern nations including Israel. In hindsight, this mission is to make America feel a bit uncomfortable during their continuous assaults on these countries. The Mars mission will be in the guidance of Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre and Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center.

Emirates Mars Mission: HOPE Probe from UAE

The UAE unveiled its Mars bid last month, pledging to launch a probe dubbed Al-Amal which means, “Hope“, to the Red Planet on July 15 from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center.

Powered by a Japanese rocket, it will be carrying three types of sensors for measuring Mars’s atmosphere. These include a high-resolution multiband camera for measuring the planet’s dust and ozone. The second will be an infrared spectrometer for measuring the lower atmosphere and co-developed with Arizona State University, one of the project’s three US partner universities. The third sensor will be an ultraviolet spectrometer for measuring oxygen and hydrogen levels.

Israel’s goodwill gesture was interpreted by commentators as another hint at the warming ties between the two countries that have no official diplomatic links. Another, even clearer sign of it came Tuesday as an Etihad jet bearing the national insignia landed in Tel Aviv on Tuesday in a historic first to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

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