The died Google+ is now replacing with the all-new Google Currents app, your data will migrate safely

Google Currents
Google turns up with a new application to replace Google Plus in 2020, launches Google Currents beta

Google+ is a part of tech history from this moment as Google announces a new replacement for all the G Suite users. Google Currents will be the new app in its place. The new application hopes to enable people in having meaningful conversations. However, the will help connect industry and business people from all over the world. Leaders from all sections will have the opportunity to connect with their employees.

According to Google, the new app, Currents offers a new look and feel as compared to Google+. But somehow you will find it similar to the previous app. The new features include an all in all white theme along with fast streamline of posts, post content, and tags. Another new feature is the visibility of the leader’s posts in the employee’s currents sections.

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Google Currents: The new Google+ of 2020

Currently, Google Currents is available in the beta version. According to the tech giant, all users of G Suite will have access to the app now. You do not need to buy G Suite immediately if you want to test out the new app. Google Currents is currently giving out a free 14-day trial version on the official website.

Google is actually recycling the Currents name. It was previously a magazine app that was the precursor to Google Play Newsstand, which itself was later replaced by Google News. No one is wishing an ill-fated future to Currents, but if it eventually shuts down a la G+, that would mean the same branding will have been given the axe twice. Even for Google, that is quite something.

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