The doors from which NASA Apollo astronauts launched to the moon will now open again for the historic event of “Launch America” this Wednesday

NASA plans to recreate the history of Apollo launch this Wednesday as Astronauts go for the Demo 2 mission launch.

American astronauts will once again start a new era for the human space journey. The soil which NASA used to launch the Apollo mission for Moon will be in use again this Wednesday. The space organization is about to recreate history as they launch an American rocket from the American soil for the first time in 9 years. NASA along with SpaceX is ready to finally launch the Crew Dragon spacecraft as a part of the company’s commercial crew program of 2020. However, the astronauts, Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley will fly using SpaceX’s aircraft. Till they reach for docking at the International Space Station.

The Falcon 9 rocket launches from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 4:33 P.M. EDT (1:33 A.M IST) on 27 May 2020. You can watch the launch live on our Webcast page or on the home page at the launch time. So, please join our telegram channel to stay updated about the launch and other latest news. The mission will allow the astronauts for an extended stay in the space station. However, the specific duration has not been disclosed as of now.

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NASA “Launch America”: The Apollo mission of 2020

Back in 1970, the Apollo mission was sanctioned to become the first American spacecraft to reach Moon from the American soil. The same incident goes for the latest test flight mission-Demo 2. The new mission is more about the final flight test for SpaceX. It will help clear all the problems related to the launchpad, spacecraft, rocket, and other operational capabilities. This is also the first orbital flight test for the NASA astronauts.

The most important point behind this test launch is its historical significance. America has been using Russian launch systems for a long time now. This mission will help them prove, that they are still the pioneers in the challenging times of Space Race.

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The SpaceX Crew Dragon which NASA is going to use for the Demo 2 mission has a standby orbital time of 110 days. But the exact time span of the mission depends on the readiness of the next commercial crew launch. This flight test along with the regular operation of the SpaceX Crew Dragon will lead NASA to continue important research and development work taking place on the International Space Station (ISS). No wonder it is an important event in the history of the United States of America.

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