The fear of Coronavirus, the AirAsia pilot jumped out from the aircraft as the passenger sneezed!

Air Asia pilot jumped out from the aircraft

The effect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and fear is increasing in people around the world. Even in India, people are horrified by the Coronavirus.

Pune, IANS. The effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) and fear is increasing in people around the world. People in India are also very frightened by the coronavirus. The AirAsia pilot sitting in the AirAsia flight I5-732 cockpit from the Pune airport, scared of the Coronavirus, was so nervous that he jumped from the emergency exit on Friday 20 March. This is usually done by pilots and other people at a difficult time. The pilots usually use the front gate of the aircraft, but the pilots were very nervous as the passenger sitting in the first row sneezed.

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The Air Asia aircraft from Pune Airport was preparing to fly to Delhi. All the passengers had sat on their seats. Just then a passenger from the front row started sneezing. It is being told that the passenger had a cold. In such a situation, instead of acting wisely, the crew members got nervous. As soon as the Air Asia pilot sitting in the cockpit came to know about this passenger, he jumped from the emergency exit. Some passengers were surprised to see this action of the pilot, and some were also very nervous. The rest of the crew members then opened the plane’s back door. Soon all the passengers were pulled out of the back door. Just next door opened to suspicious passengers. All the passengers were screened, all of which had negative reports.

What AirAsia pilot said when AirAsia spokesperson asked?

When an AirAsia spokesperson was asked about this, he said, ‘See this is the case in a Pune-Delhi flight on March 20 due to a passenger sitting in the first line. Everyone is cautious about the coronavirus. Hence medical screening of all passengers was done. No report has come back positive. The aircraft was parked in a remote bay due to the seriousness of the case. The suspected passenger was evacuated from the front gate and the rear gate of the remaining passengers.

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The spokesman said that crew members quarantined themselves until the next gate was declared safe.  The flight captain thought it appropriate to exit the emergency exit adjacent to the cockpit.  This was followed by anti-infection spraying throughout the plane.  Our crew is adept at working in such a difficult situation.  We are proud that he worked patiently even in this odd situation.

Currently, near 500 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India. Lockdowns have been announced in several cities including Delhi.  Let us tell that until now this epidemic has killed seven people in India.  More than 11 thousand people all over the world have been victims of this epidemic.  These days, Coronavirus is getting the most havoc in Italy.  651 people have died here in the last 24 hours.

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