The government has set a strict 6-feet social distancing policy to fight Coronavirus, Is it enough? MIT Researchers say it’s not!


The Coronavirus has started a new daily norm of social distancing in all countries. The government is encouraging people to keep at least a distance of 6-feet between each other. In general, people should not leave the house unless for essential tasks and groceries. But whenever they do go out, wearing a mask and maintaining a 6-feet gap is the new norm. But a new simulation report using AI shows a dangerous picture.


The picture above demonstrates a computer simulation carried on by Finish researchers. The image shows a person coughing. Due to this cough, a turbulent mucus mist of aerosolized particles is produced which moves from aisle to aisle. This is very concerning in terms of the Coronavirus. These particles stay suspended in the air and travel way more than 6-feet.

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All of these new simulations lay a stronghold on the fact that the Coronavirus may be airborne. Till now a widespread air transmission is not visible. But, transmission through shared airspace is a possibility. So, the government norm of 6-feet distancing is of no use. If bigger particles come into contact, the infection will be quite severe.

Self Distance yourselves to be safe from Coronavirus

Lydia Bourouiba, a Fluid dynamics researcher at MIT, studies the properties of human sneezes. Her research suggests that a strong sneeze has the ability to produce aerosols to 25 feet on average. Even though sneezing is not a symptom of Coronavirus, it shall be a concern. Because any asymptomatic person can spread the disease while sneezing randomly.

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Bourouiba says, “Social distancing is an important measure because it really helps keep the pandemic widespread at a check. In our daily lives, it is as important as wearing masks.” The CDC officially advised everyone to wear masks and maintain a distance of 6-feet at the very least. In such events of a crisis self-quarantine seems to be the best way to defeat Coronavirus.

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