The job market will change after the Coronavirus pandemic, LinkedIn launches virtual interview platform to get you job ready


Companies are looking forward to changing hiring strategies in order to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. ‘Virtual job interviews‘ will be the next big trend in the corporate world. LinkedIn is currently developing tools to help aspirants prepare better for future job interviews. The brand new platform introduces you to the ‘video introduction tool’ and features an AI-enhanced feedback tool because that will help you understand better.

The new platform aims to help the candidates prepare for the upcoming industry challenge. Once the candidates familiarize themselves with the platform, it will be a much easier task to do the same in the industry. But on top of that, the candidates will receive tips from industry experts and hiring managers.

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LinkedIn virtual interview tool

LinkedIn is normally referred to as a professional social media platform. But now it has begun testing a new ‘video introduction’ tool. Using this tool, hiring managers request virtual introductions from candidates in order to initiate the interview. But candidates need not necessarily start a video interaction. This is because they have 2 options, submit a written draft, or start a video.

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Blake Barnes, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, says in his official blog, “Almost 65% of the recruiters agree that the impression a candidate makes in a virtual interview is as important as its real-time counterpart.” But this should mean that both are the same except for a difference in the platform. Actually it’s not that simple. Our brain is used to give interviews in-person. In the virtual world, we never know what to expect. This is the main reason why LinkedIn came up with this idea.

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