The Met Council teams up with Uber to deliver free Passover meals to housebound Coronavirus survivors in New York City!


The Coronavirus pandemic has the entire world on lockdown. Because of this, many families are not seeing each other even during religious holidays like Passover. Passover is a Jewish holiday which begins on Wednesday. A nonprofit is making sure that the people who cannot leave their house can still celebrate the holiday with vigor. The Met Council has teamed up with Uber to deliver free Passover meals to households of holocaust survivors in New York.

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How does the Met Council plan to work Uber in order to make this a success?

In a Passover, Jewish families usually rid their houses of non-kosher food and make a Seder. It is a festive meal which in normal times brings together a group of extended families. Many Coronavirus survivors are in their 70s and 80s.

This puts them in the most vulnerable age group for COVID-19. All people above the age of 65 are advised to self-quarantine at home and only go out for essentials.

But it is more difficult for people living in poverty, Met Council CEO David Greenfield says. Almost 32% of food pantries in New York City have already shut down because of this ongoing crisis. Secondly, homebound elder people are stuck and literally have no way of getting food.

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This is why the Met Council has come up with the plan to deliver free Passover meals. Met Council is the largest service provider to the low-income holocaust survivors. Met Council also operates kosher food pantries and soup kitchens for Jewish families living in poverty. This Passover pilot is born to help people overcome this holocaust.

Using kosher food that Met Council already has in their pantry, volunteers will help put together Passover boxes. Which will be filled with traditional items like grape juice, fish, and matzoh, says Greenfield.

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