The oceans are becoming unstable as we slowly reach the end of 2020, this World Environment Day lets take a promise to protect our Earth

World Environment Day
Stop polluting oceans and stop consuming all-natural resources. It is time to think about mother nature now if you want to live.

We, humans, are the youngest species living on this planet. Yet, we exploit our mother nature without thinking of any consequences. We are consuming several natural resources at an alarming rate which pushes our planet towards a major crisis. However, due to the ongoing issues involving climate change, humans are trying to devise resources that will work as an alternative. Maintaining our planet’s biodiversity is of utmost importance. Although June 5, 2020, is World Environment Day, very few people remember it. Today lets take a pledge to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

All of us know that our planet is one-third of land and rest filled with water. But this implies that oceans cover a majority portion of our planet. Years of garbage dumps, oil extraction, and other mining activities are causing damage to our oceans. It is also responsible for the extinction of many aquatic species. However, the ones that did not die are barely surviving due to the loss of natural habitat.

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World Environment Day 2020: Taking care of the planet’s biodiversity

The major effects of biodiversity loss go to oceans. Global warming is currently haunting the entire planet and according to research, the vast temperatures will not spare even the deepest layers of the ocean. Another huge concern is the rise in sea levels and ocean levels by almost 1.3 meters. However, humans are crossing the line owing to the increase in the level of aquatic pollution. This causes a loss in the levels of oxygen in the water bodies. Many aquatic organisms like tuna, sharks, and other species may go extinct.

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The general theme of the World Environment day in 2020 is “celebrate biodiversity“. This is a concern which is both urgent as well as existential. The current environmental crisis is problematic and shows concern about the survival of all species collectively. Now we need to fundamentally connect with our mother nature and think of all species as one. Because now we are fighting for survival on our planet. Stop polluting oceans and stop consuming all-natural resources. It is time to think about mother nature now if you want to live.

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