The Sun is sleeping, NASA warns the sun can enter a ‘similar lockdown’ if it enters into the phase of “solar minimum”


The Sun in our galaxy is entering its own “lockdown period” very soon. This phenomenon could cause massive changes in weather including freezing weather, famines, and earthquakes. This period is known as “solar minimum” and causes many changes on the surface. However, according to many experts, the Earth is about to enter a period of “sunshine recession”. This will be the deepest period in the galaxy’s history.

Dr. Tony Philips, the principal Astronomer at NASA, believes “Solar minimum” is on its way, but it is a deep and unpredictable one. Counting the sunspots suggests that its depth is the largest in a century. The Sun is losing its magnetic ability, so an extra amount of cosmic rays are entering our solar system.

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Solar Minimum: The sleeping Sun

All of these cosmic rays are harmful to every planet present in our solar system. But it causes a maximum threat to the astronauts and other air pole travelers. It severely damages the electron concentration present at the upper atmosphere of Earth, which may cause large thunderstorms with lightning.

NASA believes this can be a repeat of the “Dalton Minimum”, an event of 1790-1830. This event causes crop loss, famine, brutal winters, and powerful volcanic eruptions. But the cold of winters is altered by a 2-degree rise in temperature on every summer for the next 20 years. Basically the planet will burn and cool itself over a long period of time.

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These events will see a massive change in climatic conditions globally. So, for the giant ball of gas appears to be “blank“. There is still no sunspots for “76%” of the time. Let us know what you think will happen if the sun sleeps. Write your opinion in the comment box given below.

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